Thursday, August 2, 2012

SuperSpeed Extras

These are a few of my favorite freebies from WBT for first grade. I cannot wait to see what WBT has in store next! (Each file is a free PowerPoint file. The files are very high quality and you can tell have had a lot of thought put into their creation and execution. I will be writing a review and longer post on each as I use them in the classroom.)

1. Electronic SuperSpeed Grammar
I love SuperSpeed Grammar because it teaches kids about different grammar rules in a fun and engaging way. Instead of giving a worksheet full of sentences where the students circle the noun, this PowerPoint file has engaging pictures and cute graphics to teach the kids about the parts of speech. There are over 600 slides that cover way more than a first grader needs to know, however all of the first grade skills are covered in this file. (These skills include: nouns, verbs, sentences, adjectives) The file even has periodic Teach-Okay moments built in. Because it is a PowerPoint file, you can rearrange slides and add as many Teach-Okay moments as you would like! I cannot wait to add this PowerPoint to my daily Skills Block routine with students!

2. Electronic SuperSpeed Rhymes
I love SuperSpeed Rhymes because it is a great jump start to reading. While the slides may be a little easier for some first graders, my second language learners, low learners, and some of my mid level learners will really benefit from this program and the added repetition.  My higher students will benefit from the addition of some words that are a little bit more difficult for a first grader to read independently.

3. Electronic Rhyming Reader
This resource is really geared toward students in pre-k or kindergarten, but I think it will be a great review for my first graders at the beginning of the year and a great resource for my second language learners. The pictures that correspond with the words are very entertaining for students. Students begin by reading the picture and the word accompanies it. By the end of the little sections, students are reading the word with the picture as an assistant rather than what the children are reading. Again, I love that this resource is in PowerPoint format so I can change it to meet the needs of my learners.

4. Electronic SuperSpeed 100
This resource is a literacy game that is new to me. The file contains 100 sight words that are arranged by frequency.This can be used to increase reading fluency among other skills. The longer words are even color coded by syllable. There are additional elements added of rhyming words and sentences with parts of speech. They are excellent! I cannot wait to start working on this!  

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